Thursday, September 23, 2010

New News!

Hello again! I'm back with another update on all the things that have been going on in the past week or so. Monday I began a round of radiation. It is my first of three I will be doing over the next few weeks. This radiation is for the cancer cells they found in my spinal fluid and the radiation is really yucky and emits through my skin so I have to take baths all the time and barely wear clothes because it hurts so bad to have things touching my skin. The plus side of this is that the doctors cant tape tubes and stuff to me! I will probably not be online much until this treatment is over which should be October 2nd if everything goes well. After the last round ends they will scans of my head again and then take more fluid from my spine to check for cancer cells. I will update this when those results come back or just tell Kayla and then update so you get the news faster!

Until next time



  1. Luos, good luck and hang on, Kayla told me about it. I'm sure the results will show improvements. <33333
    *hugs* hope to be able to go fishing with you soon

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